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Foz do Iguaçu

Iguacu Falls
     The Rio Iguaçu arises in the coastal mountains of Paraná and Santa Catarina and snakes west for 600km (372mi) before it widens majestically and sweeps around a magnificent jungle stage, plunging and crashing in tiered falls at the border with Argentina and Paraguay.
Iguacu Falls

The 275 falls are over 3km (2mi) wide and 80m (262ft) high which makes them wider than Victoria, higher than Niagara and more beautiful than either. Neither words nor photographs do them justice: they must be seen and heard.
      The best time of year to visit is August-November, when there is least risk of flood waters hindering the approach to the catwalks.


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Iguacu Falls Iguacu Falls Iguacu Falls


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